Energy T-Shirts

T-shirts with unique energy motives and numerical

During a creative intuitive cycle of mine, the idea came to me to create good-energy T-shirts featuring unique motives taken from my original paintings. Their purpose is to bring energies closer to people to improve their well-being.

They are made with the energy of love and entice us to abandon to the guidance of intuition. The purpose of these unique good-energy T-shirts is to create well-being, balance and connection. They support us at all levels of existence, direct us to the right path and open all the doors that so far have remained closed.


We choose a T-shirt motive according to our current psychological and physical state, with the intention to find support in the creation of our new life path and improved well-being. They are designed for those in need of energetic support so as to achieve better results, help with rehabilitation, provide support in learning, love, abundance, rehabilitation, identify the right direction and so much more.

The motives are printed on T-shirts made of 100% cotton. The reverse side of every T-shirt features an imprinted personal symbol and the front side a motive from my cycle of energy paintings. Every T-shirt also comes with its own certificate.

The mission of my heart has thus created another way for me to help humankind on its way to a better life, and I am infinitely grateful for this.

With love, Eminjana - Emi

  • Women's energy T-shirts

    Women's T-shirts with unique energy motives and numerical sequen.

  • Men's enrgy T-Shirts

    Men's T-Shirts with unique energy motives and numerical sequences.

  • Kids energy T-Shirts

    Kids T-Shirts with unique energy motives and numerical sequences. T-shirts are also designed for boys – without glitter.